Unique Upholstery & Design

"...transforming ordinary furniture into vibrant and colorful expressions that complement your home."


The piece arrives at the shop and the upholsterer assesses it.

The intention is to restore the piece to a like-new state. The style details are retained unless instructed otherwise, and original appearance is faithfully reproduced.

In many cases, the reupholstered look is cleaner and more elegant than the original due the superiority of today’s materials.

Antique furniture draws upon traditional upholstery skills such as eight-way hand-tied coil spring decks, diamond handtufting, and stitched-edge upholstery.

Almost lost, these skills set apart the craftsman from the novice.

Modern and contemporary furniture pieces feature style and design details not seen in antique furniture.

These pieces need an inventive and problem-solving approach.

Complex patterning, fabric matching, piping/welt finish, as well as careful cutting, sewing, and cover upholstery round out the skills required.

Unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces have been custom-built for clients who weren’t able to find what they were looking for elsewhere. The main advantage is complete control over fabric color and texture. We’ll work with you on your picture, sketch, or idea to bring it to life.

But unarguably, the most important skill to possess is the ability to see or visualize the finished piece in your mind, before the job gets started.

A critical look at the fabric whether striped or solid, floral motif or geometric… the mind’s eye picture of the old piece completely finished in the new fabric must be crystal clear.

The destination and goal… is to produce excellent work.