Unique Upholstery & Design

"...transforming ordinary furniture into vibrant and colorful expressions that complement your home."


Unique Upholstery & Design handles quick-turnaround booth seating reupholstery to restaurant booth manufacture and installation. We can supply frame foam fabric/vinyl… everything needed to complete the job. Email your specs and we’ll be happy to provide a quote for your project.

“Things I like about your service

1. Punctuality. When Joe agrees to take on a job, a time is agreed upon and you can feel confident that the job will start and finish in the agreed upon time frame.

2. Quality. Joe, you always do a excellent job. In the two years I have been using your service I have never had any problems with the work you have done.

3. Price. I have always felt that we have been getting full value for the service Joe provides.”

– Andrew McLeod – Boston Pizza Mayfield Edmonton AB

We can help with the upkeep of your booth seating without interfering with your customer traffic flow. Prompt and punctual we’re back with your upholstered seatsĀ before you open for business.

“I have been very pleased with the service at Unique Upholstery due to the fact that they were courteous, friendly and had my seats reupholstered in a timely manner.”

– Rob Hurry – Boston Pizza, St. Albert AB

A general run-down of the types of items we’ve covered include restaurant booth seating, barstools and side chairs, lounge and lobby furniture, office and waiting room seating for example. If you have a particular item in mind not listed here, fill out the contact form and upload a pic and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Salon style chairs vary in design and complexity. Send us a few pics and we will provide an estimate asap.

Lincoln 300D cover

Heavy-duty double-quilted Welder covers for Lincoln and Miller Products are available on a limited basis during the winter season. We also fabricate Winter-fronts (with vent doors) for radiator grills as well. Best to call to check availability or fill out the contact formĀ and submit for more information.

Custom-fitted covers for your mall kiosk help keep your products safe and out of sight when you aren’t there. These covers are carefully fitted to your kiosk or booth. Usually designed and fitted with a zippered closing panel and cable for lock up.

Antique wood restorers and Wood refinishers have referred clients to Unique Upholstery & Design for several years without worry…

“We have used Unique Upholstery many times over the years and have never been disappointed with the quality of workmanship. This is why we have confidence in recommending Unique to our own customers.”

– Leno Macri – Leno Macri Furniture Repair and Touch-Up

“Please allow me to take this opportunity to say a special thank you for all your fine work which you have done for us during the past few years. It is very unusual to find a craftsman as committed to excellence of product as you have proven to be, time and time again….”

Very truly yours,

The Old Woodworks per

-C.J. Calarco, Owner

Occasionally we work Interior Designers to collaborate on projects we feel we can add value to.

“I always use Joe for my re-upholstery needs. Bottom line – he does excellent work. The patterns match, the seams are straight, the cushions fit, essentially, the piece turns out just the way it was supposed to.

I also rely on Joe to help me create custom pieces for myself and my clients. I can show Joe a picture of an upholstered piece I saw on the Net or in a catalogue or magazine, and he’s able to turn it into reality, with a few perfect changes to make it an original. He can alter the size and shape of a piece to fit my clients’ needs too (ever notice how much furniture out there just doesn’t seem to fit your body?).

I’ve been recommending Joe for years. I’ve had a few smart clients who listened to my advice, and they’ve been very happy with the results. And whenever I need a piece for myself, I go to Joe.”

– Leslie Chevalier, Chevalier Design Inc.

“Joe – I am entirely satisfied with both your service- timely, fair estimates, cooperation and your workmanship which has always been excellent.”

– Peggy Walrath, Interior Designer Fantasyland Hotel.

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